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It's the entertainment capital of the world, and following success of films such as The Hangover UK stag parties are set to invade Las Vegas in unprecedented numbers. Here's a rundown of the top 10 things for stags, or 'Wolfpacks', to do in Sin City.
Answer 1 of 33: We've got a few things planned for the trip for the 11 of us, but want some up-to-date ideas or recommendations - a lot of reviews i've found are pretty old and not aimed at a big group. Being there for 5 days we got a lot of time to fill...
For the ultimate stag party with breathtaking casinos, mind boggling stage shows, adult entertainment and bright lights as far as the eye can see then look to Las Vegas where you and your stags can gamble, drink, eat and enjoy every second of the twe.

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Tips for a respectable stag party in Vegas

Having first opened its doors in 1906 as "Hotel Nevada", the Golden Gate is the oldest continuously running hotel and casino in Las Vegas. The Venetian - The Venetian is one of the best hotels for a Las Vegas stag weekend and even has two incredible canals with 814,000 gallons of water. "Mamma mia!"
Take over a crazy suite, fly a jet and play poker when following our guide to the most amazing Las Vegas bachelor party ideas.
Make your Las Vegas bachelor party amazing with Vegas Party VIP! Bachelor party packages include activities like gentlemen's clubs, pool parties, & more.
Relive The Hangover on your stag do in Las Vegas with epic stag party activities, nightlife, hotels and more.

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We Go Again - Las Vegas - Nicky Samra - Stag Do

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So how did Rebecca Matthews handle it?
Yes, my fiancé stag party in vegas planning a stag do in Las Vegas — Sin City, the ultimate den of iniquity, the home of the biggest bachelor party on earth and all that.
Years before talk of an engagement had crossed our minds — let alone lips — Brendan had waxed lyrical about the wonders of a stag do in the legendary party town.
I had thought nothing of it at the time.
So helplessly drunk you lose control of all bodily functions?
Talk of Vegas gradually overtook talk of the wedding.
It was no mean feat organising the logistics of a long haul trip, flights, accommodation and the like — especially when the lynchpin of the operation was living in Australia and only contactable sporadically via Skype.
But happen it did.
They left in a whirlwind of excitable chatter about what a crazy time they were going to have.
They were going to play big stakes poker and party all night every night.
They were going to dress Brendan in stag party in vegas pair of chaps and handcuff him to pretty much every living being and object imaginable.
They were going to shoot crazy big guns in stag party in vegas desert and drive super fast cars down the desert highway.
Dish out the crazy stories!
Or were they past their party-loving prime?
As I closed the door, I relived stag party in vegas of the craziest moments of my hen do, and smiled read more myself in satisfaction.



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