A look at all the new games coming to 'Hollywood Game Night'

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"Hollywood Game Night," hosted by Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner Jane Lynch, returns for a fifth season with celebrities such as Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz and Justin Hartley from "This Is Us," and Ben Feldman, Lauren Ash and Nico Santos from "Superstore," as well as Michael Bolton, NE-YO, Natalie ...
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Imagine a star-studded game night in your living room, playing along with a few of your closest celeb pals. Unlikely...? Make it a reality on 'Hollywood Game Night' Thursday nights on NBC 12! Emmy-winning host Jane Lynch brings the game show favorite back for a new season tonight on NBC 12. Preview ...

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Watch Hollywood Game Night: Season 5 Online | hollywood game night: season 5 | Hollywood Game Night.
Watch Hollywood Game Night: Season 1 Online | hollywood game night: season 1 | Hollywood Game Night.
Whether you're hosting an Oscar Night party or a gathering of movie buffs, the game show Hollywood Game Night offers some terrific games that you can play at home with friends. Many of them can be adjusted to reflect other pop culture themes such as music or literature, and some can even be tailor ...
Learn how to play the games from Hollywood Game Night at home. These make excellent party games for adults.

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SEATTLE, Wash -- The summer TV season has been rolling out.
Our own Jim Dever spoke via satellite hollywood game night play online the host of the show, Jane Lynch about the show.
Below is a transcript of the interview.
JANE: "Yes indeed, you are.
I saved the best for last, Jim.
So, how excited are you about season 5 of Hollywood Game Night?
JANE: "I'm very excited because when we started this show, you know, it's Sean Hayes's baby, and it was six episodes, and that was gonna be it, and it turned into this.
And I love every minute of it.
JANE: "It's when I don't have to work hard, and I just get to step back and allow fun to happen.
Every once in a while, I have to come in and herd the cats, but basically, I just let the fun happen.
And I lay down the ground rules.
So for me, that's my favorite part.
I also just click for source seeing how the celebrities and the civilians become hollywood game night play online you know, Hollywood Game Night is a great equalizer.
You don't know who the celebrity is by the civilian by the end of the game.
They all work together.
They all play together.
And it's a sight to be seen.
JANE: "Well we're premiering with a pretty strong lineup.
We have the cast of The Walking Dead versus the cast of Veep.
So we're calling it the zombies versus the government.
And they're pretty intense.
And we actually make our way out into the backyard.
For the very first time, we are now playing some games out in hollywood game night play online backyard, which is filled with lush astro turf.
Jane, is there any classic game show host you model yourself after?
JANE: "I love Gene Rayburn so much.
He was Match Game, and I would watch that growing up.
What I loved about him is he had these six celebrities, kind hollywood game night play online like we do, who are very funny, and he knew how to set them up.
He was a funny guy himself.
He knew when to stand back and just let the ridiculousness take place.
He was a really, really fun guy.
We're looking forward to watching you on the new season of the show.
Thanks for your time, Jane.
JANE: "Thank you so much.



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