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origin late 20th cent.: ZIF, acronym from zero insertion force. zig 7noun a sharp change of direction in a zigzag course: he went round and round in zigs and zags. 7verb (zigs, zigging, zigged) [no obj.] make a sharp change of direction: we zigged to the right. – origin 1960s: by abbreviation of ZIGZAG. ziggurat /ˈzɪgʊrat/.
zigzag• The male moth flies in a zigzag pattern.• He noticed that they continually moved in a zigzag fashion.• Instead of trying to escape by moving as fast as possible away from the predator, some animals take an erratic zigzag course.• By seeking high dividends, the stock returns are cushioned somewhat from market.
The longest sector between M2 and R, arises about one-half of the way between the stigma and the origin of N'l1,. M1. not zigzag. India. (Fig. 41.) Megalestes Selys, 1862 8 (7). Wing petioled to Ac or nearly so. Sectors present between M2 and R,. The longest sector between M2 and R, not arising more than three or four ...

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Zigzag (Character) - Comic Vine

also zigzag, 1712, from French zigzag (1670s), perhaps from German Zickzack (though this is attested only from 1703), possibly a reduplication of Zacke "tooth, prong." Earliest use in German is in reference to military siege approaches. Originally in English used to describe the layout of certain garden paths. As an adjective ...
How the instantly recognizable man with the beard, hat, and rolled cigarette came to be.
one of a series of such turns, as in a line or path. proceeding or formed in a zigzag:. to make (something) zigzag, as in form or course; move or maneuver (something) in a zigzag direction: They zigzagged their course to confuse the enemy.
Attested from 1712. Borrowing from French zigzag (attested from 1662), possibly from a Germanic source via Walloon ziczac (although German Zickzack is attested only from 1703).

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The Amazing Spider-Man: An Origin Story - Interactive Storybook App for Kids

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Origin of room-temperature single-channel ballistic transport in zigzag graphene nanoribbons | SpringerLink

Zig-Zag rolling papers Zig-Zag is a brand of that originated in.
It is marketed in the USA by National Tobacco, in Europe byand in Japan by.
The Zig-Zag brand produces primarily related products such ascigarette tubes and rolling accessories.
One size is the single wide.
This size is often called "the white pack" because of its color.
Another size is the size 78 often called "the orange pack" or "orangies" in some areas because of its color.
The third size are the kings, or king size, also known for their orange or reddish hue, the fourth is 1½ and the fifth is double wide.
Usually the white pack and orange pack are sold together zigzag origin many stores across the United States.
In Canada, the most popular size is the single wide, but with "kut-corners".
In Australia, the most popular size is King size.
There are also varieties within these sizes including Liquorice, Water Resistant, Slow Zigzag origin, and Free Burning.
Cigarette tobacco: Sold in four varieties.
Filtered cigarette tubes: These are filters for hand-rolled cigarettes.
Filter cigarette making machine: This is a basic rolling machine, used to roll tobacco into cigarette papers; it provides an alternative to rolling zigzag origin by hand.
Cigar Wraps: Flavored cigar wraps, officially made for use with cigar tobacco.
Common flavors are mango, grape, and natural.
Based inin 1882 the company built the Papeterie de Gassicourt, a cigarette paper production plant near the town of.
In 1894 they invented the process of zigzag origin rolling papers.
In 1900, Zig-Zag was awarded a medal at the in.
Success led to expansion in 1919 to a new mill in.
Duringthe company's original facility in Mantes-la-Jolie was destroyed and at war's end, all production was shifted to the Thonon factory.
With the death of Jacques Braunstein, in the 1950s Zig-Zag was sold to a partnership of the Group Bolloré and competitor.
In 2000, Zig-Zag became part of of which Group Bolloré owns 19 percent.
The choice of a member of this French North African regiment as a Zigzag origin icon originates from a folk story about an incident in the.
When the soldier's clay pipe was destroyed by a bullet, he attempted here roll his tobacco using a piece of paper torn from his bag of gunpowder.
In an advertising campaign in the 1960s, Zig-Zag published leaflets with american dad zouave facing the viewer much like and the caption, "Captain Zig-Zag wants YOU!
North Atlantic Trading Company NATCthe importer and distributor of Zig-Zag merchandise, is dedicated to stopping the sale of counterfeit products, actively pursuing those who violate trade agreements.
During 2015, successful counterfeit raids were conducted, resulting in the seizure of businesses, multimillion-dollar judgments, and even federal prison sentences.
The counterfeits were discovered when undercover investigators were sold fake products in 2016.
Imitation Zig-Zags, which may look similar to authentic products, are of substandard quality but sold at regular price.
Real Zig-Zag packaging should feature an image of Zouave, the French soldier depicted in the logo and credited for creating the iconic this web page papers.
Consumers should also check packaging for the name of the company that imports the papers, North Atlantic Trading Company.
In 2018, police from the city of Yiwu in the Zhejiang Province in China targeted cigarette paper counterfeiters in a coordinated, multi-city action.
A series of raids and detentions were focused on manufacturing facilities, packaging suppliers and trade companies.
Fake versions of almost every major rolling paper brand, not just Zig-Zag, were zigzag origin />The police investigation was supported by the Yiwu Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the enforcement support team at Alibaba.
All investigations are expected to be complete by the middle of 2018 with prosecutions to follow.
Zig-Zag provides information that helps in the identification of counterfeit products.
Customers, distributors and retailers can learn more at www.
By using this site, you agree to the and.
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